Our services

Whichever remote translation tasks you have in mind, we can get them done. At Sunderland, we focus on offering the highest quality French to English translation services regardless of the project’s complexity.
We provide unlimited translation revisions to ensure you leave fully satisfied and come back with new tasks. Over 70% of our clients return to give us more projects.
We translate anything that needs to be translated and more. Our specialists have experience working with documents as well as audio and video files. We don’t turn your creative chaos into order. We make sure you get that very same chaos in a different language.
Our collaboration process is transparent and quick. You send us a text in one language. We give you the text in another one. We don’t meet your expectations. We exceed them.

French To English Document Translations

English And French Audio Transcription

French to English and English to French document translations are a big chunk of our work. While providing excellent translation coupled with localization, we are maintaining the style, tone of voice, and design of a document.
Anything from a high school textbook to a birth certificate requires a special approach. We know how to keep the format in order to ensure 100% satisfaction and clarity.
Be it an official document or a personal letter, we are ready to take it on. If you have a handwritten piece, we’ll work hard to decipher the writing. 

Translate French To English Document

Audio transcription requires special skills, especially when it comes to dialects. At Sunderland Translations, we have extensive experience working with different audio projects. Our ears are tooled for catching the toughest indecipherable text.
French and English audio transcription comes with many different nuances. Knowing how to listen carefully and catching every word requires a certain approach. We are ready to offer you fast and precise audio transcription within a reasonable timeframe.

French and English Video Transcription And Subtitling

 Subtitling is an integral part of turning a language barrier into a bridge. That’s why we work hard to create impeccable English and French video subtitling for our clients. 
You send us a video and a list of requirements. We get back to you with clear and high-quality text. We have experience transcribing and subtitling:
  • Commercials
  •  Movies
  •  TV shows
  •  videogames
  •  Educational videos
  •  Presentations 
  • And much more 
Official Translation Services

Our experts offer 100% human subscription and subtitling services. We never outsource our work to the software. That’s the only way to make sure we don’t miss any hidden meaning and seemingly indecipherable words. 

Using our subscribing and subtitling services for the big screen, TV or websites can help you reach a wider audience. At Sunderland Translations, we help you extend your business beyond borders. 

English and French Video Translation and Subtitling

If you want to reach a wider audience with your videos, you can take advantage of our French and English subtitling and translation services. You send us a video. We get back with a transcription and its translation. 

When working on translation and subtitling, we consider numerous factors such as:

  • Video format
  • Target audience
  • Localization
  • Client’s special requirements
Our experts know all the ins and outs of subtitling. The right approach can improve the quality of your video and boost its popularity. 
Our niche specialization in English and French allows us to create true masterpieces when it comes to subtitling. We are ready to surprise you. 
Video Subtitle Translator