Healthcare is one of the biggest industries in the world. Any action in the healthcare business is accompanied by documents. And these documents often need to be translated.
At Sunderland, we understand the utter importance of highly accurate medical translations. In some cases, a translation can mean a difference between life and death.
The medical industry is filled with terms, specifics, and nuances. While many medical terms have Latin roots, the majority of them are adapted to the country they are used in. 

Clinical Protocols Translations

Patient Information Brochure Translations

Autopsy Report Translations

Drug Labels and Inserts Translations

If you need English to French clinical protocol translations for getting medical assistance overseas or for immigration purposes, we are here to help. You can be sure you are getting the most accurate medical translations with localization benefits.

If you are offering services for foreign language speakers, you need patient information translation services. We make sure brochures are easy to understand in both French and English.

Whether you need an autopsy report translation for bringing the body abroad, do research or file a claim, our translators are ready to offer the quickest French to English and English to French translation services.

Are you planning to market and sell medication overseas? You need the labels and inserts to be accurately translated into another language. We work closely with the clients to learn the products’ specifics and provide high-quality translations.

Instructions For Medical Equipment and Devices

User Guides For Medical Software

Patient Reports Translations

Are you selling medical equipment to another country? Did you just purchase a device with instructions written in a foreign language? You need an experienced translator. We provide detailed translations of instructions for medical devices and equipment. We are also experienced in translating user manuals.

Are you developing medical software, which you are planning to sell to French or English speaking customers? We can help you with user guides, instructions, and user interface localization.

We work with hospitals, patients, and their families to provide accurate translations of patient reports and anything related to the patients’ medical history.

Promotional Materials For Healthcare Providers

Medical Articles And Research Translations

Our experts have experience translating marketing materials for healthcare providers. They maintain terminology consistency while making the text easy to understand in both languages.
We translate brochures, flyers, newsletters, press releases, social media posts, blogs, educational materials, and much more.

Medical studies and research carry immense value for numerous players in the healthcare industry. We provide accurate French to English and English to French medical research translations to aid our clients in their work.