Marketing Translations

Marketing translations is a highly specialized niche similar to poetry and literature translations. When working with marketing materials, it’s important to find the right balance between accurate translations and the marketing pitch.
Localization is a big part of marketing translations since it’s vital to know the culture in order to understand which marketing efforts work for it and which must be adapted. Remember the “double quarter pounder with cheese” from Pulp Fiction?
A close collaboration between the translator and the client can ensure the highest quality marketing translations and the success of the campaign for English- and French-speaking customers.
At Sunderland Translations, we have extensive experience working with French and English marketing campaign translations. We have an excellent understanding of the audience in English and French speaking countries. Since our team has experience working in the marketing niche, you can be sure you are getting the best quality marketing translations for your needs.

Marketing Brochure Translations: French to English and English to French

Brochures, leaflets, and flyers are part of your company’s image. They are colorful sales tools designed to educate and attract the target audience. Conveying the right message in the brochure is tough. Translating it so it keeps its meaning and power is even tougher.
We ensure your brochures have the right impact on the target audience, which speaks another language. We have experience writing in different styles, including descriptions, technical details, calls to action, and much more.
Our marketing translation team has excellent writing skills to help draft masterpieces for your promotional needs.

In-Depth Marketing Material Translations: Catching The Client’s Attention

Newsletters, marketing emails, advertising copy, and other marketing materials require a special understanding of culture and localization. We can take care of translating your entire marketing campaign to English or French so you don’t need to worry about silly mistakes or misunderstandings.

Press Release Translations: Making An Important Statement

Press releases carry educational and promotional value, bringing new clients to your virtual and brick-and-mortar doorstep. We make sure your French – or English-speaking customers get the right message from your press release. We maintain terminological consistency and format to simplify your marketing efforts.

Website Translations: Reaching The Foreign Audience

If you are doing business on an international level, you know the extreme importance of a multi-lingual website. Our marketing translation team has experience working with English and French websites to bring foreign users an excellent understanding of the content.
We work closely with our clients and website developers to maintain the format and the meaning while making it easy for the website users to find the necessary information in their language.

Social Media Post and Blog Translations: Boosting The Awareness

Social media posts and blogs are a big part of any marketing campaign. We know that content is king. In order not to lose its royalty in another language, precise yet creative translations are required. We can help you ensure your content quality stays at its highest level when translated to another language.
With the right approach to blog and social media post translations, we can help our clients boost their marketing campaign efforts.