Legal Translations


Legal translations are among the most demanded in the world. A tiny missed detail can change the meaning of the entire legal document. That’s why our focused language specialization makes us the best French to English translation service in your country and beyond.

Our experts don’t just study the document to the letter to convey its meaning, they know the laws of the country the translation is for. Only a true legal expert can become an excellent translator of legal documents. We’ve got them at Sunderland.

Legal translations require use of the official language of the relevant jurisdiction. They must be done by a specialist in the subject matter with an extensive knowledge of the law. Otherwise, mistranslations are unavoidable.

English To French Legal Translation Service Near You

Unique terminology coupled with cultural nuances and language differences makes searching for a high-quality French to English translation service a tough task. It’s nearly impossible to find a company, which has a legal expert for each country.
That’s why specialized language pair translators like Sunderland are so highly demanded in this niche.
We don’t spread ourselves thin trying to study the legal systems of hundreds of countries. We focus on French and English speaking countries and their laws to bring you the highest quality translations.

Which Legal Documents Do We Work With?

Contracts Translations

We are ready to take on the majority of legal documents you can come up with.

Whether it’s a person to person contract or an agreement between two enterprises, it’s vital to make sure both parties know what they are agreeing to. Contract translation services include close study and extensive research of the businesses and the laws of both countries (if applicable).

Terms & Conditions Translations

Accurate translation of terms & conditions is the key to providing sufficient information to clients on and offline. Even though only a few people actually read this text, it can become an invaluable asset in case of a lawsuit.


Personal Documents Translations

Passports, birth certificates, driving licenses, and other documents need accurate translations. Whether you are applying for a visa or getting a job overseas, you need a high-quality translation to achieve your goals.

Permits and Licenses Translations

If you are planning to do business beyond the border, you need to show your permits and licenses. A top-notch localized permit translation is a must-have if you want to make the right impression. In many cases, you can work with the existing permit as long as it comes with a translation.

Police Report Translations

Police report translations are highly demanded by immigrants, who need to prove their good standing with the foreign government. A mistake made in such a translation may ruin a person’s chances for a new life. Immigration authorities strictly control the quality of these translations.

Financial Records Translations

As experts in legal and financial translations, we specialize in translating financial records. We ensure that all facts related to the transactions made (even if they are in another currency) are clear to the reader. Accurate translations of financial records are important for immigration matters, international marriages or overseas adoptions.

Court Proceedings Transcripts Translations

Whether you need them for precedence cases or for personal reasons, court proceedings transcripts need to be translated accurately. When it comes to legal texts, every word counts. We never miss a letter.

Copyrights & Trademarks Translations

When you want to protect your individual property in another country, a translation is a must-have. Our experts make sure your copyrights are fully understood in both English and French so you can feel safe about your business. 

Tax-Related Documents Translations

Whether you have an offshore account or need to inspect foreign taxation papers, you need an accurate translation. A delicate approach to tax-related matters is vital to avoiding problems with the authorities. We provide precise translations with terminological consistency.
We also work with audit reports, inspection reports, double taxation agreements, corporate resolutions on tax audits, tax legislation, risk reports, and much more.

Immigration Documents Translations

The immigration process is a tough one to begin with. Problems with translations are unacceptable. We deal with all types of immigration documents, from passports to banking records. Immigration document translations require niche expertise. That’s why our French-English translation experts are the best for the job.

Legal Disclaimer Translations

For international businesses, legal disclaimers are highly necessary to ensure their legitimate operation in other countries. Accurate translations of legal disclaimers are necessary to avoid unexpected claims and liability from foreign language clients, users, partners, etc. A small mistake made in a legal disclaimer translation can lead to an unwanted lawsuit. That’s why our legal translation team pays extra special attention to these documents.

Laws And Regulations Translations

Entrepreneurs, who are planning to go beyond borders with their business, often need a close understanding of the foreign country’s laws and regulations. Whether they decide to learn the law in advance or require a better understanding of the law in case of a lawsuit, a high quality translation is imperative. Our experts do extensive research of the law in English and French speaking countries to provide accurate translations with terminological consistency.

Death Certificates Translations

Death certificates are especially important for inheritance matters, body transportation overseas, immigration, and more. Sometimes the translation of these documents is needed urgently. We provide high-quality English to French and French to English death certificate translations as quickly as possible. 

Diploma Translations

For clients, who want to work or study overseas, an accurate degree or diploma translation is a must-have. We specialize in the highest quality diploma translations to French and English to assist our clients with their education and employment goals.

Land Transactions Translations

Any land transactions that have to do with transferring property rights to foreign owners require a two-language contract. We have extensive knowledge of the land legislature of English and French speaking countries. This helps us provide precise land deal document translations to our clients to ensure agreement accuracy.

Non-Disclosure Agreements Translations

We offer highly accurate non-disclosure agreements French to English and English to French translations. Our translations eliminate the possibility of discovering double meanings or loopholes in the case of a lawsuit.