IT Translations

The Information & Technology industry is in great demand around the world and that demand is growing in leaps and bounds. Businesses of all sizes, from small start-ups to multinational corporations are increasingly making their presence felt online. All of these companies use the services of IT companies for all their information technology requirements, whether it is to maintain their computers or set up their computer networks.

As an IT company, when there is so much potential for growth, it would be a shame to restrict your services to local businesses when there is tremendous scope to grow globally. If you are looking to offer your IT services to a foreign country though, one of the things you will need to look into is getting your documents translated.

At Sunderland, we are highly skilled French to English and English to French translators. We have been in the business for several years and have the experience to translate all types of IT and software documents between these two languages.

Software Specifications & User Interface Translations

The software you’ve developed may be in great demand but if the specifications and user interface are in one language only, you are losing a chunk of the market that does not speak that language. All it takes for you to increase your customer base and consequently your profits is to get your software specifications and user interface translated into multiple languages.

Operating & Instruction Manual Translations

Depending on the product you are marketing, you may need more than just the software specifications and user interface translated. Your customers may be at different points of the learning curve and it is important that you cater to every single one, from the beginner to the expert. This means translating all your operating and instruction manuals so anyone who buys your product can use it easily, regardless of which language they speak.

Translation of Procedure & Training Manuals

Partnering with other companies around the globe is a great way to expand your business and build a name for yourself internationally. If your partner’s business is established in a country that speaks a different language, both entities will need to consider is getting all procedure and training manuals translated between the two languages. Software engineers may be experts in their field, but receiving documentation in a language other than their own can be huge obstacle for them.

App & App Descriptions

App development has taken the IT industry by storm. Today, there are apps for almost everything you can think about, from financial transactions and health tracking to just plain amusement. When you’ve developed an app that you are looking to market globally, you must consider getting your app descriptions translated into various languages. .

Getting your IT and software related documents translated between French and English is not something you can trust to just any translation company. What you need is a reputed company that has the necessary expertise in your specific field. At Sunderland we have highly skilled translators who have vast experience translating documents from French to English and English to French for the IT industry. Call us today!