Game Translation

Gaming is a sizable industry, which seems to be growing at the speed of light. The demand for gaming is spreading quickly, conquering English and French communities all over the world.
Today it’s impossible to promote a game without offering it in multiple languages. That’s where translators come in. Translating gaming materials is complicated since it requires special expertise in the gaming realm.
At Sunderland Translations, we have a team of gaming experts, who aren’t just excellent translators but also avid gamers. We believe that only experienced gamers, who have made their way from Doom and Quake to Counter-Strike and Resident Evil, can provide the most in-depth translations.
Games shouldn’t just be translated. They must be localized. In some of them, a localization mistake can cost game characters their lives.
At Sunderland, we believe that playing a game is a way to live a new reality, learn new skills, and forget about problems. All of the above is only possible if you understand the language.
The world of gaming is full of specific terms that vary from one game to another. Sometimes, you need to play the game in order to understand its specifics. Our translating team is ready to do this type of research. After all, it’s a fun experience.

Online Game Translations

We translate every word of text for your online game or an app to make sure that your clients can immerse themselves in the gaming realm.
Our English to French and French to English gaming translations give you a chance to conquer new markets without looking back at the language barrier.

Gaming App Translations

The popularity of gaming apps is hard to underestimate. As soon as children get their first smartphones, gaming apps are the first thing they download. Gaming doesn’t have upper age limits.
We know the fastest approach to translating gaming apps to bring you the highest quality content.

Game Instruction Translations

Game Marketing Translations

Game instructions are something people turn to as a last resort. But the majority of gamers read them at one point or another. We provide precise game instruction translations to make sure the players can improve their gaming experience at any moment without struggling to understand a foreign language.

Does your brand have a website, social media accounts, and blogs? No matter which approach you take for game promotion, we are here to help you translate the content.
At Sunderland, we can take ongoing projects for game marketing translations to assist you with promotional efforts. We have a convenient subscription service to help you cut costs.

User Agreements Translations

If playing a game requires a user agreement, it must be translated in the most impeccable manner. We can make sure your clients never face any misunderstandings during the agreement signing process and go on to enjoy the game as quickly as possible.

Whatever translation needs you have for your game business, we are here to fulfill them. Our translators are bilingual French and English speakers, who don’t just offer the highest quality translations but can give valuable feedback on user experience in foreign countries.