“Without translation, we would be living in provinces bordering on silence.”
– George Steiner

Founded by a passionate bilingual translator with over a decade of experience, Sunderland Translations is on its way to becoming the leading online translation agency. By focusing on French and English language pair, we ensure a specialized approach to each task rather than spreading our attention over several languages. 
Translation is a mix of art and science. Only by finding the right balance, a translator can create a true masterpiece. That’s why only a true expert can produce work that meets the highest standards.

French To English Translations:
We Know The Secret

English To French Localization:
Not Everyone Can Do It

French is a beautiful language with several dialects. We make sure our clients receive a translation in a dialect they are looking for without losing the delicate essence of the meaning. 
English is a graceful language with many nuances. We know how to create anything from an easy read and an emotional text to jargon-filled scientific articles.

All our translators have years of experience working with English To French translations on a variety of subjects. All of them go through rigorous training on a regular basis to hone their skills and learn new translation pointers. 
We know the right approach to any type of translation from legal to gaming. Our staff does extensive research on each subject to learn the latest trends, terms, and expressions.

Excellent Takes Time, Time Is Money

We understand that time is often as important as excellence. Meanwhile, rushing the translation may reflect on its quality. That’s why we’ve worked hard to automate the order process and create convenient subscriptions. 
We’ve cut the time wherever we could to bring our clients the highest quality translations at the tightest deadlines. Even though the process is automated, our translators are always happy to talk to the clients. Close collaboration with clients is the key to their 100% satisfaction.

Our Goals


Our goal is to become the leading online French to English translator in a variety of niches. Even though we already know how to achieve customer satisfaction, we want to keep practicing. 

Sunderland Translations has worked with such big clients as Etosoto, Renault, Lime, and Translators USA. We hope to add more large companies to the list in the nearest future.

Our Vision

We don’t just make money translating. We enjoy the process. The satisfaction we feel when we provide a flawless translation is priceless. We know that this enjoyment is the key to high quality in translations. 
This feeling is often lost in companies, which are spreading themselves thin by offering translations to dozens of languages. Our in-depth specialization is what makes us unique. 
We stick to one language. We don’t outsource. We work hard. We achieve excellence. 
Sunderland Translations turns a language barrier into a bridge.